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Soul on the ice

One for the road
An’ another one for friendship
Anoda fo’ the fun

You leave the house with a bag full o’ worries
But somewhere along the way
It got replaced with a bag full o’ nothingness
And you only notice when it’s too late
Too late to undo your mistake
You meet the beautiful stranger
Her dark eyes
Shining on your stone cold mask

One for the road
An’ another one for friendship
Anoda fo’ the fun

So you leave the party with a head full o’ nonsense
And you miss your station
And you forget your bowels on the train
And you forget from whence you came
Where you’re headed
Why you’re doing what you doing

Now your face is down on the floor
Mask off
And you’re laughing with her
Her laughter a broken record in your brain
And her eyes are on your
Smartphone’s screen
And her eyes are
Not for you
And the connection is lost

Your mouth with water
Your resolve with careless fantasies

And once more
Once more
You gained a reason
To build a larger freezer
Where to keep your soul on the ice

Keep it there
Keep it good
Keep it dying

One for the broken promises
An’ another one for disillusionment
Anoda fo’ quiet desperation

Your orange fluids
Down the sink
Pouring on your slippers
With your clothes on
You’re ready for bed

Fabrizio Orlando

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